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Tharakans Properties Pvt. Ltd. is a young and progressive real estate development company that is built on the core values of ethics, integrity and a passion and commitment to the mother earth. Because we know that Homes are not built by mortars and bricks alone. Passion and Love are the key ingredients to all our real estate development projects.
We come with years of experience in the field of real estate development collectively. Silently doing projects over the last few years and gaining valuable knowledge and wisdom in the field, we are taking our growth into the next level. Coming from professional backgrounds, we understand the aspirations of the young generation for quality living and expectations of the older generation for reliability and growth. Dr.Prof. Thomas Tharakan, the Founder Chairman of the company taught computer science in Christ University for years and authored many books on the subject before his passion for land called him into real estate development. Ms. Joyce Tharakan, Director of the company has been a philanthropist committed to the service of the lesser privileged.
The projects that we conceive are of high quality at affordable prices and at locations that are growth drivers. We do not believe there is anything called Cheap & Best. It is either Cheap or Best. We offer only the best to our customers. Quality, affordability coupled with great investment growth is what we work hard to offer.


Clients delight is the USP of Tharakans Properties and your satisfaction is the yardstick of measuring our success. We know that with every brick we lay, we would be building a name. With every new project we would be building something that we hold very dear to ourselves and our customers - Our reputation & Customer Delight.
Our reputation is built on rock-solid values. Build not only with bricks, mortar, steel or glass but with uncompromising values of transparency, integrity & reliability. These values have always been at the core of our management philosophy.
Trustworthiness and credibility of delivery are the hallmark of Tharakans properties. One of the core aspects of our philosophy is about delivering top quality within affordable limits.
We build with uncompromising quality that keeps the worth of your investment ever increasing as time goes by.
We keep promises and deliver on time so your investment has more time to grow.
We remain firm on our commitments so that the square feet promised is the square feet delivered.
We are transparent so that the only surprises that you get are pleasant ones.
Besides pursuing our business goals, as being the responsible corporate citizen, we are always on the forefront of extending our hands to the needy, downtrodden and for the society at large. Before concluding, I wish to express my thanks to my clients who have provided overwhelming response which has given opportunity to our Company to constantly remain alert in finding out means of improvement to match their expectation and future development. I am fully confident that we shall continue to offer its best in terms of projects, services and most importantly, values that last.

Dr. Prof. Thomas Tharakan
Founder Chairman and Managing Director - Tharakans Properties Pvt. Ltd.


The vision of Tharakan's Properties is to achieve the highest possible standards of the real estate industry while establishing our company as the preferred real estate company in our market area.


Our mission is to build our business leveraging on the trust we build in the customers mind by delivering high quality properties and services.

Core Values

Integrity, transparency, and efficiency define us at Tharakans Properties. We pursue excellence, value continuous knowledge, and are deeply committed to our clients and community. These principles shape our journey in the real estate realm.


Upholding commitments, we prioritize honest communication and trust-building for enduring relationships. Our actions consistently mirror a dedication to serving our clients' best interests.


At our core, we embody Integrity, Transparency, and Efficiency. Our trademark transparency fosters trust and reliability. Adhering uncompromisingly to regulations safeguards our customers' interests.


Timely delivery of promises defines our efficiency and experience. Precision and quality underscore every endeavor, leaving no stone unturned in fulfilling commitments with a proactive approach.


Taking every necessary step, we aim for perfection, providing top-tier service and meticulous execution from initiation to completion in every transaction. Our commitment is to excellence.


Acknowledging the critical role of information, we empower clients with access to knowledge. Our focus is on enabling well-informed decisions, ensuring our clients navigate their real estate journey with confidence.


Representing clients with professionalism and integrity, we commit to exceptional service. Our dedication extends to assisting you in meeting both immediate and long-term real estate needs and goals.


Tharakans Properties

Tharakans is one of the fastest growing business groups in Bangalore.
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